Bérénice Lim Marlohe as Séverine in Skyfall

I have not seen it because I’m not really interested in James Bond films. Lol. I’m in love w/ the back of her dress and the details! The Swarovski crystals are intricately applied to the design of the fabric - gorgeous! I’m not a fan of dark lipstick but I’ve been seeing it a lot this year…. I think I’m starting to like it when worn correctly. I could never pull it off though. Haha.

I hope to see more Khmers in Hollywood. I’m so happy for Bérénice, even though I heard she barely had screen time (I accidentally read spoilers too) but this is a great breakout into the film industry. So all the best for her future! =)

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    Severine was an awesome Bond girl. XD
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    women of color! wearing makeup I can buy knowing exactly how it will look on me and not having to freaking guess! all my...
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  18. khmerography said: Google Elodie Yung, another Franco Khmer beaut who will star as Jinx in new GI Joe Retaliation. Also Ellen Wong, Chinese Canadian with Khmer roots who’s also making names in the movie scene. Oh yeah, Chanty Sok of Lowell, who was in Ted movie. PDP
  19. noribear90 said: She was awesome in the film! Wish she had more screen time cuz it would have been interesting to see her character develop more. I encourage you to see the movie even if you don’t like Bond films, this is one of the best 007 films in maybe decades..
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